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  • Thu 14th Jun 2018 - 11:20am

    We all have our 'to do' lists, whether we do this daily Spiritual Laws Of Money Review or weekly, it is a common enough practice. It makes sense and we all know it. It is the most basic way of controlling and, prioritizing and organizing your personal productivity.

    I have two very powerful suggestions to truly make your 'to do' list a super powerful tool.

    Add a 'what by when' to it and put in the allocated time to complete... Now you have a complete program ready to support your time management and business success.

    If every task on your 'to do' list carries the allotment of time you believe it will require to conclude, say an hour, 20 minutes, whatever, you will have a much greater time management success. A job can take whatever time you have to complete unless you put a time constraint on it. Without one it could take two hours or all day to do the task, put a time on it and it will take that amount of time..


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