Topic West Nile Neurological Disease - Part 6 - The Face of Our Pirates

  • Thu 14th Jun 2018 - 6:22am

    The vermiform appendix or otherwise called the Appendix Nuculture Review is a tube connected to the cecum which is a pouch like structure in the colon, close to the intersection of the small and large intestine in the lower section of the stomach. This particular section of the body does not have any distinct function in the body but it is noted to produce medical issues such as carcinoid tumors, appendix cancer and appendicitis

    In early phase, of an appendix issue you can start to encounter mild symptoms. The most easily recognizable warning sign is a pain felt near to the navel. If irritation of the appendix continues then the ache begins to move to your lower right section of the stomach as an signal that the ailment is also affecting nearby tissues.

    This results in the pain to become even more agonizing and sharper when the pain ultimately rest in the lower section of your stomach, next to where the appendix is, at around midway from your navel to your upper right pelvic bone. The point is commonly known as the McBurney point. When pain is felt in this area it is a major signal that you may be diagnosed with appendicitis.

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