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  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 7:20am

    There could be many reasons that can contribute for The AZ Code Review not having the success dominating niches that one was hoping for. It could be that the niche has to much competition, and it's very hard to penetrate. It may also be, that the niche you decided to try and get into simply is not a profitable niche. Unfortunately, and especially for newer people to Internet Marketing, they may not have investigated the profitability of a niche well enough to find out if there is indeed many profits to be had in that niche. Then again, it could all boil down to something as simple as not choosing the proper keywords to be optimizing their web sites or blogs with.

    Often, people new to niche marketing may not have a well enough understanding of doing proper keyword research and will find they are having a tough time making profits, let alone ranking well in the search engines. This usually happens when people are trying to optimize their blogs or web sites using keywords that may be to broad in nature and have to much competition to contend with. But, more than that, they do not understand the difference between "browsing" keywords and "buying" keywords. Some people can catch on to this rather early, but for others, they can struggle for a long time not knowing what they are really doing wrong. This can be a very vital component when dominating niches you have chosen.


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