Topic Success - Law of Attraction's #1 Benefit For Your Life

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 6:38am

    Harold Thompkins is not a guru or expert in any specific field of business However he is quickly Subliminal360 becoming an authority on the christian principles of success for the modern day business person. He shares the information he learns in an impactful manner that influences the development of the proper mindset and motivation for required effective business building. His passion is discovering and learning to utilize proven marketing techniques and relationship building with people who pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams through the internet.

    Harold incorporates his vast and diversified leadership/management/ supervisory experiences in athletics, work, business and ministry in motivating and inspiring others move beyond quitting and giving up. His knowledge and faith to succeed by helping others build profitable difference making businesses is his forte.
    In this sometimes superficial consumer driven society the marketer understands that people buy what they want not what they need. Spending is emotional! We want what we don't have, and this usually drives us further from what we want. Generally this flaw causes us live beyond our means financially and literally living our life with little reality. There most of our choices are based on fantasy. Many live this way until they end up with nothing living a miserable, meager survival mode existence. This characteristic creates destructive results. But, if this tendency is shifted from the outward focus to a more internal approach we can promote growth in our life.+



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