Topic Does the Size of the Penis Really Matter to Women?

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 2:03pm

    Another well known penis enlargement "method" is Member XXL Review by the use of a pump. Pumps are NOT scams - they ARE medical devices.... for impotence. Pills force blood into the penis temporarily so that the guys will have an erection. If you don't have an erection problem and try to use the pumps for enlargement, you'll surely cause blisters or pop blood vessels. Very dangerous!
    Wished your penis were bigger in size? Want to make sure you impress any woman in bed? There are several ways that can supposedly help your manhood increase in size - by using extender tools, taking growth supplement pills, and even having surgery done. But not known to many men is how easy it is to make their penis naturally grow bigger just by simply stretching it daily with their hand!

    Either you may have heard it or you have not, it is a fact that many of these artificial means of male enhancement are potential health risks. Not only on your male organ, but your general health as well. Extender tools forcibly stretch your penis in size, causing problems like muscle tears and burst blood vessels. Growth pills, on the other hand, are notoriously known to bring about undesirable side effects if taken long-term.

    Stretching your penis using your hand is relatively much safer. Because you can control the pressure you put on your sensitive organ, you do not run into any risk of harming it. More over, stretching does not rely on any artificial ingredients that could adversely effect your body the way those expensively fancy growth supplements would.

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