TopicExploring Weight Loss Aids That Really Work

  • Mon 13th Feb 2017 - 7:09am

    Losing body fat is all about creating an energy deficit. To lose body fat, you must expend more energy than you ingest (in food and drink). This situation creates an energy deficit that must be made up from stored carbohydrates, stored fat or muscle tissue. The trick is to create French Wine For A Flat Belly an energy deficit in a manner that spares the muscle and uses primarily fat to make up the deficit. "Crash" or starvation diets cause an excessive energy deficit which results in consuming fat and muscle to satisfy the deficit.
    An effective fat loss program should be specifically designed to remove body fat in a sensible and safe manner with the main focus on losing body fat and losing inches, not just pounds. To accomplish this, the fat loss program must be designed with three key components:
    Resistance Training - to create an energy deficit while sparing the muscle from being used to satisfy the energy deficit and also building muscle to increase the metabolism.
    Cardio Training - to create an energy deficit while improving endurance, energy and cardiovascular health.
    Sensible Diet - to create a moderate caloric intake deficit through proper food selection and portion control.
    An effective fat loss program should be designed to induce a bodyweight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week (or 1% of your bodyweight per week). Weight management experts, weight loss doctors, and obesity experts recommend these guidelines for any sensible, safe and effective weight/fat loss program. Higher weight losses per week can result in muscle loss.
    I hope this "sheds some light" on the confusing and complex subject of weight loss. If you want more information, check out my website for more detailed information on the features and benefits of an effective and safe fat loss program.

    Jeffry Robinson is a Fitness Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer residing in Destin, Florida (Northwest Florida Panhandle) specializing in fat loss programs. Mr. Robinson has developed the "Inches Away" Fat Loss Program, which is based on the latest and most effective fat loss principles. He offers the "Inches Away" Fat Loss Program through his Personal Training service to clients in the Destin, Miramar Beach and Niceville areas.


  • Tue 21st Feb 2017 - 6:45am

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  • Wed 23rd May 2018 - 1:17pm

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