TopicWhy my Xerox Printer Paper Keeps Jamming?

  • Tue 9th Oct 2018 - 10:08am

    Xerox Printers have recital features and offers an amazing adaptability that made customers first choice and using across this globe. In sudden cases, people facing an error as Xerox Printer Paper keeps jamming and this is really a big issue. For customers convenient, we offer Xerox Technical Support that helps you better.


    Describing Steps to Troubleshoot an Error when Xerox Printer Paper keeps Jamming as:

    Usually when a paper jam issue arises, it is due to dust and not maintaining Xerox printer device. Some basic steps that make your problems to be correct are given below:-

    First of all turn off your computer and Xerox printer device

     Open Xerox printer device and remove that jammed paper and clean all its internal dust.

    After cleaning all its dust, check whether it is print without any paper jamming errors or not

    Carefully pull out the jam paper that feeds into Xerox printer. Check that paper which is stuck or as askew including paper scraps. Check whether you're connecting all connections to a PC device properly or not.

    Now after removing the jammed paper and cleaning of internal as well as external dust from a Xerox printer device, then close all printer doors which you've opened for the purpose for cleaning. Now print any document and then check whether it is printing without any paper jammed issues or not. If still problems arise then ask expert advice through contacting at Xerox Printer Support Number.


  • Mon 19th Aug 2019 - 8:09am


    It is a common issue that could be found in the printer hostsailor. I used to get the same error of paper jamming. It was from this site I came to know about the solution for it. Thank for sharing the blog. 

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