Topic What to do when HP Printer turns off unexpectedly?

  • Mon 16th Jul 2018 - 8:04am

    HP Printer is nothing but an amazing creation that is useful in every situation including home and office use. Many users claim that there HP Printer eventually turns off after 5 minutes. This has occurred as settings has been changed or set as default. But, you can change the setting according to your need when the printer automatically turns off. You just need to follow the righteous step in order to resolve this problematic situation. The steps are as follows:

    • Turn your printing device on. But before that, you should ensure that the Viewfinder is closed.
    • Then you need to open the HP sprocket app.
    • And then tap the Menu icon, and click sprocket.
    • Now, click to open Printers, and then click on your printer in the list.
    • You will see the printer information screen displays; you need to click Auto Off under the Settings section.
    • Now, you can choose when you would like the printer to automatically turn off, and then click on the back button on your device to save the setting.

    When the problem is still there, call the talented team of tech personalities at HP Printer Phone Number UK 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free) and keep yourself free from the complications.

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