TopicEnd Premature Ejaculation by Censoring Your Thoughts

  • Wed 11th Jul 2018 - 11:44am

    There are clinical studies to prove that penis Virility EX Review extenders do help to make your penis larger naturally. Penile tissue responds and acts in a similar way muscle tissue grows. If you exert enough stress to the muscles they will get bigger in order to adjust to the strength increase. Though the penis is not a muscle cells divide and grow in order to compensate for its new situation in this case the gradual stretching from the penis extender. This is a natural human adaptability of ours, and it happens more often than we notice.
    Not everyone is happy with the size of their penis. However you might not be as small as you make it out to be as you are more than likely to be average. In fact there are more men who are average size than men with big penis size. So what is considered small penis size? Statistically a normal size is 5.5 - 6 inches erect and about 3.5 inches flaccid. Anything less is considered below average. So if you think you are small be sure that you know the numbers before feeling sorry for yourself.

    On the other hand it is apparent that statistics and numbers are not enough to convince a man that the size of his penis is adequate. Who could blame them? With all things considered small penis size is thought to some as a sign of weakness or inferiority.

    The media certainly does not help with the issue and because of that many men are not happy with themselves even though they are not small. The truth is it does not take a monster of penis to attract a woman. On the other hand some women are turned on by the fact you have a large penis. It is unfortunate but penis size does matter to some women.


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