TopicControl Your Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetic Peoples

  • Wed 11th Jul 2018 - 6:08am

    Blood Pressure Protocol is a book co-authored by Dr. Miles Channing and David Riley and it entails the journey of David Riley, a blood pressure patient, to full recovery. Dr. Channing has educational background in cardiovascular, hypertension and medical research in general. He uses Mr. Riley as a case study to guide blood pressure patients to overcome the condition using simple home remedies. Reportedly, David Riley suffers from high blood pressure for twelve years before coming in contact with Dr. Channing. The latter is equipped with information about coenzyme Q10 which is widely available in native foods of the Yanomami Indians and which makes them resistant to hypertension. Apparently, Dr. Channing spends a lot of his life researching in India. He notes that the diet of the people of Yanomami widely includes salmon, tuna fish and other naturally growing plants. The coenzyme Q10 is abundantly endowed in these foods and he correlates this to the low prevalence of hypertension to this population.


    In the recent past, scientists have backed up the case of coenzyme Q10 as possible treatment for hypertension. Other foods that contain this coenzyme include, beef, chicken, shell fish, leafy greens and many more. Dr. Miles Channing and David Riley are inspired by the success of David in overcoming hypertension using natural products available in food. This breakthrough, makes the two to link up and document the steps followed to heal high blood pressure. This is with the aim of extending a helping hand to others experiencing the same problem.

    Blood pressure protocol, like all other treatment programs and remedies, may not work for every person. However, if you consider the expenses of treating high blood pressure and the subsequent side effects, it is wise to consider a natural remedy. The ease of accessing the recipes listed and following the instructions given improves your chances of following this guide correctly. Scientists have also approved the usefulness of the foods listed in the High Blood Pressure Protocol in reducing hypertension. Therefore, get this book and try it. Most people fail to understand the elements associated with blood pressure. If you don’t have a good idea, you may find your self in bigger trouble than you expected.


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