Who are we ? 

Team Prisoners, a team from Sweden, consisting of five talented players. Our ambitions is to become one of the world's best team. And we will do everything to achieve it. 




Team Prisoners started out as a mix team with players that were already on different teams but wanted to create something new on the side. After a while we played the Nordic Masters Qualifiers 2014 and advanced to the Lan finals. We went as the organization "Samitive Gaming" and finished 6th place. After the lan we took a brake and players went different directions. Zirken and avm held together as teammates. after being on lans together they wanted to create something new and something bigger so they decided that the mix team prisoners should come together as a team. Zirken and avm contacted the remaining players of the mix team: danneblanne, lerne and flaske. After 2 months of practice we came to the conclusion that we will go far and we will achieve eveything we can.